Heart On My Sleeve (Prod. by Georgy Whistler)

by Jonny Empire

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Here is a brand new song called Heart On My Sleeve off of Jonny Empire's upcoming project, Reality Rap EP dropping later this summer.


I don't deny who I need to be//
Paralyzed, energized but i'm better now I guarantee//
Overcoming every day,
walking a new way//
Chillin in the middle of a cool place//
I keep straight face walking down a hall way//
Keepin to myself I ain't gotta talk all day//
I got a ill crew, brothers I commend you//
Together we achieve any goals we tend do//
Thats true, Got a dope persona//
Type of dude doing everything for mama//
At least one day, I'll say everything that I did//
Paved ways to attain every legacy kid//
When you heart stops, will you get up like alarm clocks?//
Growing up hearing stories from the school of hard knocks//
Respect your elders, always drinking selzer//
Life ain't really get that much better//
Rockin Lo sweaters, feeling right at home//
Me, myself and I, when I multiply thrones//
Back then I could paint a better picture//
Now i'm at a crossroad to write a better scripture//
On my Ron Howard shit, right in Greenwich//
25 dollars for a salad made of spinach//
People gotta fear what they wanna believe//
Now a days I gotta walk with a heart on my sleave//
Keep it all peace, hit shorty with a long piece//
Rockin new jeans my bad for the small crease//
Theres hope for a group like us//
Might sin if you really tryna downgrade us//

Hook: You ain't gotta be a SOB// Why not
These muthafuckas really don't know me// Hell nah
Smooth cat with a cool flow G//
Just know I'm a real MC// Real shit

Verse 2: Bada bing bada boom, Who the best in the room?//
Stand up kinda guy with a lottery tool//
On that smooth shit, focused on my key to life//
And everyday I try to reach a height, higher then a park kite//
I got rights, tryna win it all tonight//
Foxwoods, getting hype juggling the dice//
Bad luck never came across a man//
That is ready to provide his legacy and//
Take over what he started here back in the day//
Whether to rap, or to focus on the actual faze//
Go to school, get degrees, get everything faster//
Go and get married, 2 kids coming after//
Sitting at a desk just hoping I could reach out//
Life ain't fair when the squares never preach bout//
Waking up thinking bout why you let a dream go//
Growing up waiting for a shot like a free throw//
Time is right now, i'm getting hype now//
Lovin the adrenalin rush, i'm tryna fight now//
It's my time, wear my heart on my sleeve//
While these other broke cats turn up and leave//


released May 23, 2014
Jonny Empire, Georgy Whistler



all rights reserved


Jonny Empire Stamford, Connecticut

Jonny Empire is a 22 year old MC from Stamford, CT. DOWNLOAD his new album Change For The Better Out NOW!

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